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My name is Lénárd Ilyés, I am an actor and a master of ceremony. I have been working for ten years as a professional performer, and meanwhile I have created and/or participated in several theatrical works, I have organized some festivals, and I have worked at quite a few weddings. I have had both English and Hungarian nuptials, and I often work on both languages at a ceremony.


What makes a good master of ceremony? What is essential to guide a wedding ceremony professionally? The answer is one word. The most fundamental thing for a wedding is ATTENTION.


some reflections about my work

Thank you for being there, you did an excellent job! I really like the fact that from all the weddings I have attended, the favourite one was my own! :-)



Happy Husband and Patriarch

Hunyadi Attila


We often forget about the fact that the role of the master of ceremony matters already at the time of the preparations for a wedding. Leó's pieces of advice and his experience were very useful in the making of the program. He suggested ways of creating our ideas in a mamner that our guests had a great time, too. He was very flexible, made contact easily with the wedding guests and paid attention to every detail.

Majer Attila


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Lénárd Ilyés 

The Billingual Master of Ceremony

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