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Lénárd ilyés 

The Billingual Master of Ceremony



My name is Lénárd Ilyés, I am an actor and a master of ceremony. I have been working for ten years as a professional performer, and meanwhile I have created and/or participated in several theatrical works, I have organized some festivals, and I have worked at quite a few weddings. I have had both English and Hungarian nuptials, and I often work on both languages at a ceremony.


What makes a good master of ceremony? What is essential to guide a wedding ceremony professionally? The answer is one word. The most fundamental thing for a wedding is ATTENTION.


It is very important to pose questions for a good wedding, and also to listen to those answers.


One has to know what the couple's needs are. It has to be taken into consideration whether they want a rather restrained, consolidated master of ceremony, or a tumultuous, funny person instead. Whether they want to play lots of games, or rather they would miss that one and have a great party only.


The composition of the bridal party is also very important. The percentage of young and the elderly, in order to plan the event. Whether the family of the bride and the groom know each other, and to what extent. As at a bilingual wedding it is likely that many people see each other for the first time, it is favorable to create situations (through games or seating) where they can get to know each other. It may happen as well that only a few foreign friends turn up at the wedding, and the master of ceremony has to look after them. If there are only a few people of the bridal party who don't know each other, they may feel shy, but by paying some attention to them, they can also have a good time.


A good master of ceremony knows when to speak, but more importantly, when to remain quiet. (S)he knows how to find solutions to minor problems coming up, how to say a few funny sentences when the bride has not changed yet, but the New Wife's Dance is about to start, and how to remain silent and not to add one more icebreaking game when the bridal party is already having a great time dancing.


Every wedding's different, but somewhat similar. It is about people who would like to get to know each other and have fun.


Let's make it work together, I will help you!


Lénárd Ilyés 

The Billingual Master of Ceremony

Phone: 00 36 20 969 5849


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