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Lénárd Ilyés 

The Billingual Master of Ceremony



There are many kinds of masters of ceremony. The most important thing is to find the one who is suitable for you.


In order to get that person, it's good to know what you want. Many people make the mistake that instead of a plan they jump into the wedding with only some vague ideas, and they say "yes" to the first person who is assertive enough. This can make a good wedding - or not.


If you meet me, the first thing we do is a little research. The way you want your wedding. A more elegant, a rather layed back, or an immense party. We map your families, how it is built up, what your friends are like, and what catering or other related companies you have contacted so far. We go through many aspects, and by the end we will have an idea of what kind of a wedding you want to have. However, this is only the first step. Next, I would ask you a few stories from your common past that you are willing to share with me, and we might add a few things to the event based on them. This is how it happened that a couple, who were into motorcycling, had to compete on mini motors on their own wedding with 5-year-olds, or in another instant when a boardgame-loving couple had a huge dice at their wedding!


Once we have the draft of the script of your wedding, we add some original ideas. What's next? You go home, sleep over it, and then you decide whether you want to work with me or not. By going through together what you need you will have a systematized plan, and, most importantly, you will find out whether you would like to hire me.

Miért téged válasszunk?
tell me something about the way you work!


- I have been a professional performer for ten years, that was based on a 4-year course of acting and stage speech 


- As I am an actor, I will only be that much tumultuous as you want me to. I can be very restrained if you like, or pump energy into the party. You decide.

There is only one thing that I won't do: stand-up comedy. I am not against being funny, but I won't tell jokes straight on for half an hour. That is the job of the best man. In my opinion, the wedding ceremony is mostly about you. My job is to do everything as smoothly and profesionally as possible, and to make the party a fun one. There are many ways to do that. The problem with stand-up comedy is finding the proportion of things. If it goes on for too long, the attention is taken from you and the bridal party. But this is out of the question, as we are talking about a wedding. If one has to entertain, there are games and the dance to do that. A long, individual show is a no-goer.

what happens after the first meeting?

If you choose me, from then on we are a team. It means that you can bombard me with your questions any time, and I will answer all of them to my best knowledge. What I can help you with is taking strategic decisions, and I can also suggest people working in the trade (photographer, video editor, dj, band) if you like.


Our next meeting in person will take place about one month before the wedding itself. By this time you are likely to have scheduled dates of the state/church ceremony, or both. At this time we can discuss everything in detail.


For couples who tend to worry, we might as well meet the week before the wedding. Then we discuss once more the proceedings, and check what we have accomplished. Usually I fix the final things with all service providers, and then comes YOUR BIG DAY!


Lénárd Ilyés 

The Billingual Master of Ceremony

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